House Restoration

Before & After

In 1999-2000, the City of Camarillo restored the exterior and foundation of the Camarillo Ranch House, including seismic retrofit upgrades, the installation of exterior lighting, and a ranch style fence around the perimeter of the property, a new roof, and utilities. This renovation also included removing portions of the house that were not part of the original design.

The Camarillo Ranch Foundation has restored the interior of the Camarillo Ranch House with generous community support. This work included determining original finishes of individual rooms and matching each style as closely as possible. The Foundation also installed a new electrical system, a fire sprinkler system and alarm system, new driveways, and new parking areas. Public restrooms, as well as the conversion of a portion of the tack room to an office and gift shop were also completed.

New landscaping included formal gardens and special public use areas within the historic context of the remaining landscape elements. The huge trees on the property are also assessed for their health and appropriate trimming took place. Three of these trees, all planted before 1900, are on the California Historic Tree Registry.

The City of Camarillo along with the Camarillo Ranch Foundation completed the $1.5 million restoration of the property by 2001 as a House Museum, wedding and special events venue, as well as a cultural and educational center within the community. The grand reopening of the Camarillo Ranch House took place during the 2001 holiday season. Also renovated was the 1905 Mule Barn and stables.

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