Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is only open for special Camarillo Ranch events. Please call the office at 805.389.8182 to inquire about dates and times of operation.

Top-selling products include Camarillo Ranch attire and souvenirs, the official Camarillo Ranch Cookbook, wedding remembrances, holiday ornaments, unique gifts, children’s toys/games, and historical non-fiction on Camarillo and greater Ventura County. Book titles include:

El Rancho Grande: The Story of Camarillo, by Carmelita Nicholson

Fiesta for the Camarillos: Poems from El Rancho Grande, by Martina Nicholson, M.D.

Images of America: Camarillo, by Jeffrey Wayne Maulhardt

Rancho Camarillo Cookbook, by the Docents, Family, and Friends of Rancho Camarillo

The Camarillo White Horses: Preserving the Past and Ensuring the Future, by the Camarillo White Horse Association

The Story of the Camarillo Ranch: Keeping History Alive, by the Camarillo Ranch Foundation


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