Booking Logistics:

To book a date , the completed contract and 50% of venue rental fee is due. Your date is not reserved until payment and contract are completed.

Event Logistics:

Camarillo Ranch does not provide any setup, breakdown, or cleanup services. All services must be coordinated by the client.

All deliveries and pickups must be scheduled within the contracted rental period on the scheduled event date. Camarillo Ranch staff will not receive deliveries or instruct vendors.

All deliveries, site setup, breakdown, cleanup, and pickups must be completed within the contracted rental time.

Required Paperwork:

The Applicant is required to provide a liability insurance policy, which names the Camarillo Ranch Foundation and the City of Camarillo as additionally insured, in the amount of $2M General Aggregate and $1M Each Occurrence, no later than 90 days prior to the scheduled event date.

In addition to the Applicant providing proper insurance, all vendors (including food vendors, nonfood vendors with sales, and exhibitors) will be required to procure and maintain commercial general liability insurance with coverage limit of $2M general aggregate and $1M each occurrence.

In addition, all vendors (including food vendors, nonfood vendors with sales, and exhibitors) will be required to obtain a City of Camarillo business tax certificate (license). Business tax certificates held in other cities do not qualify. Contact the Business Tax Division at Camarillo City Hall by phone at 805.388.5330 or email at ctax@cityofcamarillo.org for more information.

Each vendor must provide individual complete certificates of insurance and business tax to the Applicant directly no later than 30 days prior to event date. The CRF will require a copy of each vendor’s COI. The Applicant will be required to provide the CRF with the Event Questionnaire, which will list each contracted vendor, and must sign a statement certifying receipt of each vendor’s current certificates. Once the document is signed and submitted, should any damage or discrepancies occur by non-compliant vendors, the Applicant assumes all responsibility.

Event Vendor Requirements:

A professional day-of event coordinator is required to be on-site the day of the scheduled event, beginning at the time of setup through the completion of breakdown as we are a Coordinator required venue.